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Spring 2019

In our Winter update, we covered some of the key developments planned for 2019. April saw National Minimum Wage increases, gender pay gap reporting obligations for private sector employers, the introduction of itemised payslips for all workers and increases to SSP and SMP. There has actually been relatively little headline employment law legislation this Spring and accordingly (as we are all bored of the “B” word) we are going to look at recent case law in this update.

One for the future: Note that increased protection for women and new parents is on the horizon. In response to Government consultations, the Women and Equality Select Committee has largely agreed with the Government’s new proposals to provide an additional period of protection against redundancy for new mothers. Watch this space...

Case law update

  1. Vento Guidelines updated
  2. Knowledge of disability
  3. Failure to provide a written statement of terms and conditions
  4. ECJ rules that employers must record daily working time