Consumer Credit and Leasing

Credit Agreements and leasing are complicated legal documents.

If your business provides these facilities to customers, there are a number of regulations with which you may need to comply.

  • Formal requirements of the agreement
  • Copies of agreement
  • Rights of cancellation
  • Terms implied into contract of hire
  • Restrictions on exemption clauses and other express terms
  • Terms in favour of the hirer
  • Terms in favour of the owner
  • Variation and novation
  • Termination of hire agreement
  • Owner’s remedies for breach
  • Forfeiture
  • Penalties and damages on termination
  • Recovery of leased goods
  • Effect of wrongful dealings on owner’s title
  • Relations between hirer and dealer
  • Relations between finance house and dealer
  • Recourse agreements
  • Conversion
  • Quality of goods hired
  • EEC regulations and directives
  • Consumer credit advertisements
  • Quotations
  • Canvassing

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