Over 30 years of Motor Industry Legal Experience

Before the establishment of MILS in 1992, UK motor dealers often found that if they had any legal requirements, be they simple day to day matters such as advice, letter writing, contract review or movement into full litigation in Courts and employment tribunals, then they had three main problems:

First, they could never be entirely sure their lawyers had in-depth experience in industry legislation and practice, or that they properly understood how dealers work.  Indeed, where legal matters were specific to the industry, dealers often unwittingly paid for their lawyers’ learning curves as the matter developed.

Second, because their lawyers charged hourly rates, dealers had little or no idea precisely how much money they might have to spend on legal matters and so were unable to work properly within fixed annual budgets.

Third, even in the unlikely event their solicitors understood their business and were specialists in industry legislation and practice, if dealers found themselves moving into litigation, their solicitors had to instruct barristers, whose additional clocks would start ticking at an even greater hourly rate.

Professional Motor Trade Lawyers and Legal Continuity

Put simply, the old system meant that lawyers had little interest in preventing their clients’ problems rather than in curing them, and dealers had virtually no control over quality or cost.

MILS was developed in order to change this state of affairs, has been doing so successfully for over thirty years, and is considered to be at the very cutting edge of legal services because it affords clients with invaluable continuity within a fixed cost.

No other law firm in the UK provides a comparable service. In any sector.