Motor Trade Legal Protection for a Fixed Annual Fee

Open ended legal advice and protection within an agreed annual retainer fee.

With one annual payment clients are completely protected from escalating legal fees, have access to same day legal advice from barristers and solicitors on all day-to-day matters, and are represented to full trial at Employment Tribunals and County Courts at no extra cost.

Legal Advice for a Fixed Annual Fee

With no limit set on annual usage, clients are able to consult their appointed motor industry lawyers as much as they wish by telephone or e-mail, or indeed through conference in chambers.

No Additional Legal Costs, Complete Peace of Mind

Since no additional legal costs are incurred over and above the annual retainer fee, clients have complete peace of mind and can defend or institute claims.  Whatever dispute may arise, motor trade clients have the unique ability to maintain budgetary control against soaring costs, particularly in litigation, which would otherwise remain amongst their highest liabilities.

The areas of motor law for which clients are covered in the full legal package include:-