MILS Legal Training Seminar Programme

On the understanding that particularly where the law is concerned prevention is always better than cure, many of our Clients take advantage of our Legal Training Seminar Programme to keep abreast of developments in commercial and employment legislation and practice.  Through the programme, and working closely with their appointed MILS lawyers, they are better able to provide and maintain best practice company efficiencies and compliance. 

In consultation with appointed lawyers, seminars are tailored to suit specific requirements and serve both as broad introductions, and as opportunities for discussion and advice on matters of specific concern.      

Depending on subject matter, number of attendees etc., seminars may be agreed for however long is necessary, although they are normally conducted for a half or full day by senior lawyers attending Clients’ offices, by webinar or at our offices in Devon where we have extensive conference facilities. 

As above, seminars are designed to match Client’s needs, but two general examples of topics covered are detailed below.

For full details on booking/cost etc. please contact Adam Cox (Managing Director) at   

Commercial Seminar (Sales and Aftersales)

Consumer Rights Act 2015


  • Who it affects.
  • Contract – when entered/concluded.
  • Deposits.

Supply of Goods

  • Click and Collect/Distance Sales
  • Satisfactory Quality and the Manufacturer
  • Fitness for Purpose, Misdescription, Title to goods, Digital Content
  • Remedies – Consumer’s Rights/ Seller’s Rights

Supply of Services

  • Reasonable Care and Skill.
  • Charges.
  • Reasonable Timescale.
  • Binding Information.
  • Remedies- Consumer’s Rights/ Seller’s Rights

Employment Seminar (Right to Work)


  • Legislation Governing Illegal Working.
  • Why Carry out the Checks.

Civil Penalties

  • Criminal Liability.
  • Other Reputational Factors.
  • Who to Check.
  • How to Check.


  • Manual.
  • Online.
  • ECS.

How to Carry out the Check/Other Key Considerations.

  • List A and List B.
  • Other Employment Issues.