Trade Descriptions

Trading Standards legislation is wide-ranging and complex.  It is vitally important that you ‘get it right’ and there are many laws to protect customers from being treated unfairly.

If you breach any law, the penalties can be high and can even result in you losing your business.

  • ‘Clocking’ offences
  • False or misleading descriptions applied to goods
  • Description of quantity
  • Description of method of manufacture
  • Description of composition
  • Description of fitness for purpose
  • Description of testing or approval
  • Description of place of manufacture
  • Description of history and past ownership
  • Liability of company and employee
  • Descriptions made in course of trade or business
  • Application of trade descriptions
  • ‘Material’ trade descriptions
  • Oral descriptions
  • False statements about services
  • Statements made ‘knowingly’ or ‘recklessly’
  • Statements about provision of services
  • Statements about nature of services
  • Statements about timing of services or persons involved
  • Statements about subsequent examination or approval of services
  • Defences
  • Defence due to mistake or reliance
  • Defence due to default of another
  • Defence ‘of all reasonable precautions and due diligence’
  • Penalties Compensation orders
  • Mitigation in Trading Standards disputes
  • Advertisement and sales literature Handbooks

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