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General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are the next stage of Data Protection law. In the UK this means the Data Protection Bill, which is still going through parliament is due to come into force from 25 May 2015.

Whilst the GDPR and the Data Protection Bill are a new and complicated regime, we can provide a number of services to support our members. This includes preliminary advice by telephone, regular articles and advice on common questions, detailed legal opinion, precedent documents and even full data audits.

Here we have a resource for this fast-moving area of law to help you get up to speed and fast.


The GDPR in its original format can be found here.

The draft Data Protection Bill can be found here and its progress through parliament can be found here

Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

The ICO is the government appointed regulator in this area. They have been working closely with the government during the drafting process to put guidance together for businesses to clarify some of the challenges in preparing for this change.

The ICO have produced an overview of the GDPR, as a well as a guide to what to expect and when. As they are updating their guidance regularly we would recommend regularly reviewing their website here.


We will also be updating our advice and producing articles regularly between now and 25 May 2018. All articles will be uploaded here, so please come back regularly.

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