Summer 2022

In the last two quarterly updates, we have been speculating on whether or not the array of proposed Employment Law Legislation, which was contained in the Employment Bill, would progress into Law.  The Queen’s speech has, for now at least, answered a firm ‘no’ to that question.

Readers of these bulletins will remember that the Employment Bill had contained a range of proposals, notably those protecting vulnerable workers and women.  It does not mean that the proposals will not ever proceed, but it looks like nothing will be happening this year and it remains to be seen if the provisions will be a priority for the remainder of this Parliament for the next Prime Minister. Whether you view the delay as good or bad, it does mean that employers will not in the foreseeable future have to grapple with new obligations and laws.

In this update we therefore turn our attention instead to employment-related issues in the news that are progressing and look at some interesting recent cases.


Case Law Update