The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill

This could either be the biggest development in Employment Law for many years, or something that turns into a false dawn, depending on what the Government does next.

Readers will be aware that, following Brexit, the Bill is looking to scrap or replace retained EU Laws.  The perceived advantage is that the UK could free itself from unnecessary EU Regulation, but the perceived concern is that because of the entrenched nature of EU Law, if the matters are rushed it could cause chaos and lack of certainty for business.

The Bill contains a “sunset clause” which means that many EU Laws will simply disappear unless replaced.  It could impact a wide area of Employment Law such as the Working Time Regulations, agency workers, maternity regulations, and TUPE, to name but some.

In Conclusion

Whether this is a good or a bad thing is likely to depend where you stood on Brexit, and how well this is implemented. Removing unnecessary regulations may indeed result in economic benefits. However a sunset clause may result in replacement legislation that has not been fully though through or significant holes and a chaotic legal and regulatory situation.

The original deadline was the 31st December 2023 but many think the Government may extend the deadline for implementation, We will or course keep you informed as this progresses.