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All your Motor Legal Requirements for One Annual Retainer

When a dealer becomes a client of MILS, he pays an annual retainer fee per operating site. This fee is similar to the amount he would normally expect to pay comparable lawyers for around six hours work, and is the only cost he will bear for the next twelve months.

In return he is appointed a team of lawyers which includes properly regulated, highly experienced employment and commercial solicitors and barristers, all of whom act only for clients who do precisely the same as him. Run car dealerships. His team is supported by dedicated legal secretaries and a state of the art IT platform and legal library, from which he is able to access and download up to the moment legal advice notes, templates and letters.   

His barristers and solicitors are then available to him at any time from 9.00am to 5.30pm every working day of the year and effectively act as his in-house legal department, working with him on all day to day matters; advising by ‘phone, fax and email, writing letters, drafting contracts, checking compliance etc. and above all, keeping him out of trouble.  

The arrangement is therefore designed to encompass all of the dealer’s legal requirements for one affordable, annual fee.  His lawyers won’t help him get divorced and they won’t sell his house or draft his will.  But they will do everything else.

Litigation in Motor Industry Tribunals without the fear of Additional Legal Fees

Importantly, if a matter subsequently becomes litigious, his lawyers will conduct the case from beginning to end, again all within his retainer fee.  This will include the battle of letters between solicitors, preparation of the case for trial and representation at the trial itself by barristers.  

He is therefore able to litigate in Employment Tribunals, Magistrates Courts and County Courts without the concern of legal fees. 

Additional Benefits

We also provide a full seminar programme covering developments and procedure in specific areas of law, whereby a lawyer will conduct a half or full day meeting, either at client’s offices or at MILS head office in Devon, where we have extensive conference facilities.

Regarding employment matters, his team will review and draft all employment contracts, handbooks and other relevant documents on a regular basis, and at any time he is able to have a personal conference with his team in order to discuss any ongoing matters. This equally applies to all other company documentation such as sale of goods documents etc.