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Motor Industry - Employment Law Bulletin

Legal Updates for the Retail Motor Industry

Summer 2019

Summer is a relatively quiet time for Employment law legislation. This year perhaps even more so, with the Government’s energy all taken up in another matter... Those employers concerned about assisting EU employees before Brexit should by now be up to speed with the settled status scheme, but for any employer or employee needing a reminder, the best information is available on the Gov Website

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Spring 2019

In our Winter update, we covered some of the key developments planned for 2019. April saw National Minimum Wage increases, gender pay gap reporting obligations for private sector employers, the introduction of itemised payslips for all workers and increases to SSP and SMP. There has actually been relatively little headline employment law legislation this Spring and accordingly (as we are all bored of the “B” word) we are going to look at recent case law in this update.

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Winter 2018/19

It’s the start of the year, so we thought we would set out below in the “News” section some of the key dates in 2019 for upcoming changes to employment law (caveat as to whether the little known event at the end of March will occur on time, or at all)?

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Autumn 2018

This season we have been searching for interesting developments in employment law (and those which don’t involve gay bakers)!  

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Summer 2018

In this seasons update, whilst many of our clients continue to wrestle with the introduction of the GDPR and drafting continues apace, we have decided in this update to review some recent case law updates, including the recent high publicity Supreme Court decision in the case of Pimlico Plumbers v Smith which will have wide ranging implications for employers, particularly those reliant on subcontracting.

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Spring 2018

Those of you who read the Winter bulletin will know that April has been (as is often the case) a busy month in employment law. We have seen increases to the national minimum wage rates, the gender pay gap reporting obligations biting for private sector employers and a change to the taxation of termination payments.

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Winter 2018

It’s January, so rather than following the usual format, in this season’s update we thought it may be more useful to give clients an overview of some of the key developments in employment law to look out for in 2018 (most of which follow in the spring).

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Autumn 2017

This Autumn we look at two interesting developments in legislation before turning our attention to some case law updates.

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Summer 2017

Despite the political uncertainty there have been some interesting legislative developments recently, as flagged below.

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Spring 2017

It has been a busy few months in employment law. As the days are getting longer, so is the length of this season’s update.

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