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28 years of Motor Industry Legal Experience

Before the establishment of Motor Industry Legal Services (MILS) in 1992, a UK motor dealer found that if he had a legal requirement, be it a simple day to day matter such as asking advice, writing a letter, drafting a contract or indeed moving into full litigation in Courts and tribunals, then he had three main problems: 

First; he could never be sure that his lawyer had in depth experience in industry legislation and practice, or understood properly how his client’s business worked within the wider context of the sector. Indeed, if a matter was specific to the industry, and he was dealing with a lawyer whose last case was a divorce or property matter, the dealer would often find himself paying for his lawyer’s learning curve.

Fixed Annual Fee for Clear Annual Budgets

Second; he had little or no idea precisely how much money he might have to expend on particular matters, and was therefore entirely unable to provide annual budgets against legal costs, since his lawyers charged on an hourly basis and, dependent upon the nature of the case, were unable to predict for how long they might be required.  

Third; even in the unlikely event that his solicitor might be a specialist in industry legislation and practice, or the highly unlikely event that he might work for free, if the dealer found himself moving into litigation, his solicitor inevitably instructed a barrister, whose additional clock would start ticking at an even greater hourly rate.

Professional Motor Trade Law, Legal Continuity

Put simply, the system meant there was no interest for lawyers to prevent client’s problems rather than to cure them, and dealers had virtually no control over quality or cost. 

Motor Industry Legal Services (MILS) was developed in order to change this state of affairs and has been doing so successfully for over twenty years.

MILS is considered to be at the very cutting edge of legal services because it affords clients with invaluable continuity within a fixed cost. Indeed, no other law firm in the UK provides a comparable service. In any sector.